GulfHub is a data portal designed to compile and make publicly accessible physical oceanographic and hydrographic data from the Gulf of Mexico Loop Current field studies. This facility consolidates data from various sources and a variety of oceanographic platforms such as Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs), single-point current meters, ship and air deployed sensors, airborne current sensors, autonomous vehicles, high-frequency radars, buoyancy gliders, Lagrangian and card drifters, and satellites. In collaboration with project partners in the oil and gas industry, privately-held data will be aggregated, quality controlled beyond the QARTOD recommended procedures and archived on this portal.

This project is lead by the Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing (GCOOS) Regional Association and partnered with the Harte Research Institute in Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, Woods Hole GroupRPS GroupTexas A&M University in College Station, Fugro, and Ocean Sierra.


Data Services

Web Accessible Folder (WAF) is provided to present the raw data that were accummulated by the project. A detailed inventory is given below.

The Gulfhub ERDDAP server contains the validated data in the NetCDF format compliant with the NOAA IOOS specifications. Click here to view the working metadata requirements for GulfHub netCDF data.


Data Inventory

The map on the right is the stations generated from the ERDDAP server that contains the QC'd data and in standard netCDF data format. As data are ingested, the map will change accordingly.

The solid dots are point (pink) or station data (green). The line plots (yellow) are trajectories obtained from a glider or vessel-mounted ADCPs (VMADCP). Overlayed is the latest HYCOM ocean current model.



An animated map is also avaialble to view the geospatial spread of the data in time.

Click here to open a map of
data point with time slider.

Data Collection Status

Ref Title/Studies Source Data Type Start Date End Date Status*
1 BOEM/BSEE NTL Data NDBC ADCP station data 2005 2010 Ingested
2 BOEM/BSEE NTL Data NDBC ADCP station data 2011 2020 Submitted
3 Gumbo (Near Bed measurement program) Fugro Mooring Data 1998 1999 Ingested
4 Gull (TRW measurement program) Fugro Mooring Data 2001 2003 Ingested
5 Industry Loop Current Survey Fugro VMADCP 2004


6 Environmental Data for enhanced UDW operations safety RPSEA/Fugro Multi-platform 2014 2015 Ingested
7 Deepwater Currents in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico MMS/LSU Mooring Data 2000 2002 Submitted
8 Manifestation of the Loop Current and Loop Current Rings in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico MMS/LSU Mooring Data 2005 2007 Submitted
9 The Deepwater Program: Northern Gulf of Mexico Continental Slope Habitat and Benthic Ecology MMS/TAMU Mooring Data 1999 2003 Submitted
10 Study of Deepwater Currents in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico BOEMRE/EHI Multi-platform 2005 2006 Submitted
11 Observations and Dynamics of the Loop Current BOEM/Leidos Multi-platform 2009 2011 Ingested
12 Exploratory Study of Deepwater Currents in the Gulf of Mexico MMS/SAIC Multi-platform 2002 2003 Submitted
13 Deep Circulation in the Gulf of Mexico: A Lagrangian Study (RAFOS Floats) NOEM/Leidos Drifters 2016 2016 Submitted
14 Eddy Intrusion Study MMS/SAIC Multi-platform 1997 19999 Submitted
15 Survey of Deepwater Currents in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico MMS/SAIC Multi-platform 2004 2005 Submitted
16 Northeastern Gulf of Mexico Physical Oceanography Program: Chemical Oceanography and Hydrography Study MMS/TAMU Multi-platform 2004 2005 Submitted
17 CICESE Data for Floride Straits CICESE Mooring Data 2015 2016 Identified
18 Yucatan Inflow Study Deepstar/CICESE Mooring Data 1998 2000 Identified
19 Industry Loop Current Survey Industry Anon VMADCP 2015 2015 Identified
20 PEMEX Study 2007-2015, Western Gulf 33 Moorings coastal to deep water PEMEX/CICESE Mooring Data 2007 2015 Identified
21 CICESE Canek CICESE Mooring Data 2001 2019 Identified
22 CiGOM CiGOM/Consortium Multi-platform 2017 2019 Identified
23 Industry VMADCP (23 days) Industry Anon VMADCP 2011 2011 Identified
24 Industry VMADCP (23 days) Industry Anon VMADCP 2014 2014 Identified
25 Industry VMADCP (228 Days) Industry Anon VMADCP 2015 2015 Identified
26 Industry VMADCP Data Industry Anon VMADCP 2006 2019 Released
27 Industry Drifter Study Industry Anon Drifter 2015 2015 Identified
28 Industry Wavescan data Industry Anon Mooring Data 2015 2015 Identified
29 Industry XBT Data Industry Anon XBT Cast 2015 2015 Identified
30 TRW Study Deepstar Mooring Data 2003 2004 Identified
31 Relevent GRIIDC data (CARTHE, GISR) GRIIDC Multi-platform 2012 2015 Submitted
32 Relevent GCOOS data (SSH, SST) GCOOS Multi-platform 1995 2020 Submitted
33 IOOS HF Radar (Only data relevant to UGOS) IOOS HF Radar     Released
34 IOOS Gulf of Mexico Glider Data IOOS Glider     Released
35 Various Hydrography Data sets (Various) XBT Cast     Identified
36 Eddywatch Drifter Data Woods Hole Group Drifter 2000 2019 Identified
37 Drifter Data obtained from ARGOS Ground Station TAMU Drifter 1988 1999 Identified
38 Industry VMADCP and Mooring data Exxon (Various) 2000 2019 Identified
39 NAS HF Radar Data NAS HF Radar 2019 2021 Identified
40 NAS ARGO Data NAS Drifter 2019 2021 Identified
41 NAS Pinch Point Buoy NAS Mooring Data 2019 2021 Identified
42 NAS PIES data NAS Mooring Data 2019 2021 Identified
43 2009-2011 NAS Modeling Study NAS Model 2009 2011 Identified
44 2014-2015 NAS Modeling Study NAS Model 2014 2015 Identified

*Identified: Dataset was requested; Released: Dataset can be downloaded and used; Submitted: Raw data is already in the GulfHub WAF; Ingested: Data has been processed and now on the GulfHub ERDDAP server.


This project is funded via the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine, Gulf Research Program (NAS-GRP).
For more information about this project, visit the project website at or inquiries can be directed to